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1)    HOME BUYERS PLAN - Eligible home buyers can withdraw up to $25k (couples can withdraw $50k!) from their RRSP’s for their downpayment.


2)    GST REBATE ON NEW HOMES – Buyers of new construction homes can apply for a 5% GST rebate if the purchase price is $350k, and between $350k and $450k there is a proportional rebate. Anything $450k and above is nil.


3)    BC PROPERTY TRANSFER TAX (PTT) EXEMPTION FOR FIRST TIME BUYERS – Eligible first time home buyers may be exempt from paying the PTT, which is 1% on the first $100k and 2% on the remainder of the purchase price, up to $475k. There is a proportional exemption for homes priced between $475k and $500k, with no exemption applicable beyond $500k.


4)    BC HOME OWNER GRANT – Reduces property taxes for homeowners with assessed values up to $1.1M.


5)    HOME ADAPTATIONS FOR INDEPENDENCE (HAFI) – Provides up to $20k to help low-income seniors and disabled homeowners & landlords to finance modifications to their home to increase accessibility and safety.


6)    CITY OF VANCOUVER RAIL BARREL SUBSIDY PROGRAM – The City of Vancouver offers a 50% subsidy on the cost of a rain barrel for residents.  Other municipalities have similar offers.


7)    BC HYDRO APPLIANCE REBATES – Mail-in rebates are applicable for buyers of ENERGY STAR cloths washers, fridges and freezers.  BC Hydro also rebates customers $30 to turn in spare fridges in working condition.


8)    FORTISBC REBATE PROGRAM FOR HOMES – eligible buyers can receive up to $300 rebate for purchasing an Enerchoice fireplace, or up to $1k off an ENERGY STAR water heater or switching to natural gas from oil or propane.


9)    HOME OWNER GRANT LOW-INCOME GRANT SUPPLEMENT PROGRAM – a supplement for low-income seniors for homes assessed up to $1.1M.


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